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Cherie Hu Cherie Hu

A couple of weeks ago I interviewed one of the original bloggers, Jason Kottke, who started in 1998. This week’s interview is the perfect complement, as she represents the new generation of online media. Cherie Hu is a twenty-something music journalist from Brooklyn who runs an email newsletter and podcast, and earns revenue from these activities via Patreon.

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Jason Kottke Jason Kottke

Jason Kottke launched his blog in 1998. That’s right, back in the twentieth century. Seven years later, he went full-time as a blogger and it’s been his professional identity ever since.

What I find most remarkable about Kottke’s story is that he’s never stopped blogging. The blog as an online publishing format is deeply unfashionable now. It was usurped firstly by social media and more recently by email newsletters. Yet Kottke the blogger persists.

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Tal Oran, The Traveling Clatt Tal Oran, The Traveling Clatt

Tal Oran is a popular video blogger, who has nearly 90,000 subscribers on YouTube and 160,000 on Facebook. In the following interview, Oran tells me more about how he runs his vlogging business. We discuss how he grew his audience over the past five years, to the point where he now makes a full-time income from it. He tells the story of when and how his first video ‘went viral’ in 2017, the trigger for a strong period of growth that continues to this day.

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Literature and History hosts Literature and History hosts

One of my favorite podcasts is Literature and History, launched nearly three years ago by a literature PhD from California named Doug Metzger. As the name suggests, the show is a history of literature – starting from the Tower of Babel origin myth and continuing on through Ancient Greece and much more. Each episode features textual readings, analysis, historical context, and Metzger’s endearingly goofy brand of humor.

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